• Art at the Main exhibit, 210 East 400 South in Salt Lake City
  • Dancing in the Piazza 20"x30" watercolor - NFS
  • Winter Perk 18"x29"watercolor
  • Rough Water 20"x30" watercolor
  • Autumn Float on the Green River - available as a limited edition print
  • The Gathering Place 13"x18" watercolor
  • Piano Man 20"x26" watercolor
  • Iguana 22"x30" watercolor
  • Manhattan Mayhem - NFS
  • Garden Euphoria 17"x29" watercolor

I am fascinated by scenes we are familiar with and most often ignore. The people, places and objects in my paintings speak volumes about our culture. In my world, ordinary people become exceptional, landscapes become busy street scenes, and still life paintings showcase comic strips, coffee cups, postcards and popsicles. 

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